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My name is Immy!

Founded in 2023 with over 7 years of training and experience in Theatre Wardrobe, Tailoring and Costume for TV and Film; Imogen Jane is a Bristol based repairs, alterations and bespoke design service.

Protect the clothes you love and the planet we live on by getting your wardrobe favourites altered or repaired. 

See below for the Services I offer.


If you have a specific query that doesn't seem to be covered, email me anyway and I'll see what I can do!


I offer a wide range of repairs and alterations services. From hemming trousers and zip repairs on everyday essential items, to complex alterations on special occasion wear, including suits and wedding dresses. 

Some alterations will require an in-person fitting, I will respond to all enquiries within 3-5 business days, but usually quicker, with an idea of what your item/s require and an estimated cost. 

For Bespoke Design Services, creating clothing and dresses from scratch, I work on a 'per request' basis and offer a variety of options, so just send me a message on my Contact Form and I'll be in touch!



Oh dear, a wardrobe favourite broken? Don't worry and don't throw it away.


From broken zips, to rips, wear and tear damage. There's always a way to fix it.

Want to make a statement? Why not opt for a visible repair, like sashiko, to embrace the journeys our clothes go on with us.

I also repair clothes and textile items that have been passed down generations; this preserves their memory for the future.



Not broken, but doesn't fit? Too big or too small, if you love it, I'm sure we can make it work!

Everyone changes shape and size, you can still wear the clothes you love - and spent good money on.

Special occasions are defined by the opportunity to wear clothes outside our everyday fashion - make sure you get the perfect fit to really boost your confidence.

Alterations also available on everyone's arch nemesis... jeans.


Bespoke Design

Going somewhere fancy? Or just want a nice dress to do the laundry in? My bespoke design service works 'per request' so just use the Contact Form and I'll be in touch. 

From ballgowns to tea dress, blouses, tops, jackets and bags (excl. leather) bespoke items are the ultimate expression of individuality. 

No idea is too crazy, let's collaborate and create something beautiful.

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